Decorating and Design Ideas For Rental Homes Or Apartments

No matter if you’re renting for rent or staying put for the long run, there are plenty of ways to make your rental home or apartment feel like home.

Decorating a rental property can be tricky due to certain restrictions, but with some creativity and non-permanent decor changes, your space can feel more homey than ever before.

Create Your Own Dropzone

No matter the size of your apartment or home, creating a dropzone can help keep everyday clutter at bay. Professional organizers suggest having an area designated for dropping off keys, shoes and bags when you enter the door.

If your mud room is small, consider making it into a drop zone with some shelves and hooks to store jackets, umbrellas and other small items.

Maximize Vertical Space

When decorating a rental home or apartment, it’s essential to make the most of every square foot available. That means getting creative with furniture and storage solutions.

Particularly if your property has an unusual design feature such as a ceiling that’s higher than the walls, multi-purpose furnishings and clever storage solutions can elongate the appearance of your residence while keeping belongings hidden away from sight.

Find Non-Permanent Ways to Update

There are plenty of subtle but significant ways to modernize your rental home or apartment without leaving a permanent mark. All it takes is some knowledge about what can be done and how it will fit with the terms of your lease agreement.

For example, you can personalize the light switch covers that come with your apartment with something more decorative. Not only will this make the space feel more like home, but it won’t break your budget either.

Make a Statement with Statement Furniture

One of the best ways to personalize your rental property is by making a statement with furniture choices. Bold pieces like a mustard-yellow sofa or midcentury modern dining table are great ways to express yourself and add some pizzazz in your home without breaking the bank.

Other non-permanent ways to make your apartment look stylish and unique include soft furnishings, decor options and wall decorations.

Add a Statement Rug

If you’re redecorating a room for your next renter or just updating the look of your home, adding a statement rug is an ideal way to give the space a fresh feel.

Finding the ideal design for you depends on what speaks to your aesthetic. Opt for vibrant colors or an attention-grabbing pattern that grabs your attention.

Dress Up Your Windows

Few things make an apartment feel more like home than eye-catching window treatments. Not only do they add style, but they can also help regulate the amount of light that enters a space and add an air of coziness.

Renters can benefit from an easy and budget-conscious upgrade with faux wood blinds. Not only do these treatments look stylish, but they come in various colors and styles to match any apartment’s design scheme.

Create Custom Storage

If your apartment or home is overrun with clutter or lack a closet, custom storage units can make your space more organized without sacrificing style. These units will help make your space cleaner and neater without sacrificing any style.

Additionally, custom storage units can also serve as a showcase for items not being stored. You can hang sculptures, handmade decor or other unique pieces to make an eye-catching statement.

Add Curated Wall Displays

Curated wall displays are an excellent way to bring personality and flair into a rental home or apartment. A gallery wall of framed photographs, artwork or collectibles can be an easy way to do this without damaging the walls in any way.

Organize collections according to hue, color, age or style for a stylish visual impact that doesn’t appear cluttered. Additionally, group objects with similar themes together for better compatibility.

Create a Statement Wall

Create a statement wall in your rental home or apartment to make the space feel more like yours. Whether you use paint, wallpaper or other decor elements, this is one of the simplest ways to truly personalize your apartment.

If you’re a creative renter looking to add some personality, statement walls are an excellent choice. Just remember that many of these options are temporary and can be taken down when it’s time for you to move out.

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