Minimal Glam Living Room

A minimal glam living room is the perfect solution for people with sophisticated tastes and a desire for luxury. This style consists of a simple yet elegant color scheme with metallic finishes. The living room also features a wall-mounted television unit that adds warmth to the space. This style is also low-maintenance, making it ideal for rental properties.

To achieve the glam look, a room should be bright and well-lit. This will make the room look larger. Remove unnecessary items, such as figurines, to maximize the space. Also, choose small-scale furniture pieces. Upholstered sofas are a great option and can look stunning in a reduced scale. Glamorous living rooms often borrow ideas from modern styles, using simple shapes and materials to suggest extravagance.

Mid-century modern furnishings are also a great choice, as they lend a distinct flair to the minimal style. These pieces are made of metals, and often feature stainless steel surfaces. Their clean lines contrast with the geometric furnishings, while bringing a touch of charisma. They also offer an uncluttered look.

Experts suggest that you leave plenty of open space in between the items you want to add to your minimal living room. By doing so, you create an airy, uncluttered atmosphere. Make sure that you follow the proportions of the room and balance the minimalism with functionality. By using the right colors and trim, you can create an exquisite minimalistic living room.

Red velvet sofas add a luxe touch to any glam living room. These sofas have a channel back that adds a vintage art deco vibe to the room. A gold metal bookshelf is another essential glam element. You can display decorative objects and books on the shelves. Another glam design element is a French iron staircase. If you’re not feeling bold, consider using an ottoman as a coffee table.

The designer of this minimalist living room, Michelle Nussbaumer, chose textured pieces that make this space unique. The antique bergeres, which were made by Lief, feature a vintage leather covering. Other textured pieces include a cocktail table made by Japanache. The room also features artwork by John Carroll Doyle.

The glam living room looks glamorous and luxurious with its sparkling accessories. The room may be small, but it is filled with a lot of bling. A starburst chandelier and a leaning floor mirror will make the room appear bigger. The use of metallics in furniture, decor and artwork will also enhance the glam factor.