Organization Hacks For Small Spaces

Small spaces can easily become disorganized due to daily life. But there are many creative solutions for organizing and decluttering them.

Staying organized at home can reduce anxiety and lead to a happier, more peaceful lifestyle. We have collected 15 of the best Organization hacks for small spaces to help get your space organized and looking neat and tidy!

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are an efficient way to keep coats, purses and other items organized within a closet without losing sight of them. Furthermore, these stylish hooks come in various designs.

Storage organizers offer many advantages over traditional closet systems, including taking up minimal space and being easy to set up. They make great additions to any room of the home from entryways to mudrooms and garage spaces alike.

Nickel or brass-finished drywall hooks will complement any decor style, providing strong support for medium to heavy frames. Be sure to hammer them into place gently so they sit flush with your wall surface.

Drawer Organization

Drawers can be one of the hardest places to keep organized. Their contents can quickly become overflowing with clutter, making it hard for you to locate exactly what you need when needed.

Use drawer organizers to solve this problem and make the items you need easy to locate when they’re needed, while helping reduce clutter buildup in your drawers.

Professional declutterers agree that drawer dividers are essential to keeping items organized and accessible in drawers, including utensils and snacks.

To prevent snagging and breakage, opt for organizers made from sturdy materials like wood or bamboo – these durable options blend in seamlessly with the rest of your drawer’s interior design.

Hanging Door Organizers

Hanging door organizers offer an effective organizational hack that will help you tame any closet, bathroom, linen closet or bedroom – be it shoes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, craft materials and more.

Although they might not look as nice as other options, over-the-door organizers are an efficient way to create extra storage space without taking up too much floor space. Plus, these stylish pieces come in various colors to match your decor perfectly!


When space is at a premium, shelves become essential pieces of furniture to maximize storage capacity. From freestanding (almost like pallet racking) to wall-mounted models – and with numerous styles and materials options to choose from.

Clear bins make it simple and affordable to add additional storage in any location – from closets to garages. A clear bin, for instance, works great as a beauty product repository or vinyl record collection keeper.

Implement a clever small-space shelving strategy by building inbuilt shelves into small nooks or alcoves – this type of shelf provides the ideal way to display decorative objects or books!

Cart Organizers

For creative storage solutions for small spaces, cart organizers provide the ideal solution. Carts are great for keeping kids’ toys and other small accessories organized while still being easily portable enough to wheel back into a closet when playtime has ended.

Carts can serve multiple functions, from organizing snacks in the pantry to corralling craft supplies in a studio. A three-tier rolling cart from The Container Store makes an ideal solution for making use of limited spaces.

Search for a cart that can easily be left out or stored away when not in use, and choose one with dimensions appropriate to your space. Also be mindful of its material; wooden carts add rustic farmhouse style while metal and glass can create more of a modern and glamorous atmosphere.

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