How to Create a Premium Living Room

The premium living room has a wide variety of styles and materials. It can incorporate traditional elements such as a sofa with a tufted back, or incorporate modern silhouettes to bring the space into the contemporary age. For a luxurious look, you can use decorative bowls and vases to add extra luxury and colour. You can also hire a furniture manufacturer to make the furniture according to your design and specifications.

A modern design is simple and elegant but also displays grandeur, and can be complemented with a few premium garnishings. Leather sofas are a good example of premium materials because they are luxurious to touch and extremely comfortable to sink into. This type of sofa is ideal for relaxing with the family, as it is comfortable and beautiful to look at.

In a multi-functional space, metallic accents are a great way to zone the space while making it versatile enough to use several different ways. For example, in a contemporary room, an elegant gold-plated coffee table trio pierces a glass window and extends to a courtyard. A modern living room can also benefit from a well-considered lighting scheme.

Premium living rooms can be a bit cold – large scale living rooms can be overwhelming – but raw red brickwork and glowing lighting bring warmth. The pale shades of grey help to balance out the coldness. The long linear fireplace can echo the view from the panoramic window. You can even have a double sided fireplace, serving both ends of the long room.

Premium living rooms can be adorned with high-end furniture from leading manufacturers. Choose from contemporary sets or contemporary pieces – you’re sure to find something that suits your space. With modern sofas, you can also create a stylish modern room. The J&M A973 Premium Leather Living Room Set is a sleek and sophisticated set with a black Italian leather sofa and matching loveseat.