Incorporating Raw Elements Into Modern Home Design

Modern homes are known for their sleek lines and open floor plans; however, that does not equate to lacking character or individuality!

Bring raw elements into the design of your new home to create an organic aesthetic. From choosing natural hues to including wood accents in decor pieces, raw elements will bring life and depth into any living space.

Exposed Beams

Exposed beams, the wooden supports that support roof and ceiling structures in homes, are becoming an increasingly popular element to feature during renovation projects. Instead of covering them up with drywall, some homeowners opt to leave the beams exposed as part of the design to showcase their architectural beauty and add rustic charm to rooms.

Exposed beams add dimension and character to both traditional and contemporary homes, creating dramatic focal points within rooms. Exposed beams pair perfectly with other decorative styles like seaside or rustic themes to highlight their authentic character.

Some designers opt for painting beams with colors that complement other elements in the room, from subtle hues like light grey that complement steel in kitchens to bolder hues such as blue that add an original flair. An alternative solution would be covering them with faux wood panels which closely resemble real wood but provide an affordable alternative solution.

Lofted Areas

Angled areas like lofts can create an eye-catching focal point in modern home design. These elevated spaces often overlooking the main living area below can be found both residential homes and apartment complexes; typically characterized by high ceilings, minimal interior walls, and ample windows.

Lofts provide the ideal setting for reading nooks, home offices and artistic studios. However, due to lack of full walls in lofts allowing sound waves to travel more easily between rooms; therefore, homeowners must carefully consider noise issues when furnishing this type of space.

Leanne Ford of HGTV’s Raw Modern fame is adept at crafting spaces that exude balance, harmony, and masterful moments – perfectly marrying modern home features with rustic elements such as unfinished wood beams or unfinished concrete coffee tables – for an aesthetically pleasing combination that exudes refined yet organic qualities. To achieve such results pair a jute rug with glossy concrete coffee tables or an organic fiddle fig tree for a look that strikes just the right balance of refined yet natural elements.

Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves designed specifically to a space can add dimension and character to a room, creating the sense of purposeful creation in it. Built-ins also make an excellent solution for nooks or odd corners that would otherwise be difficult to use with traditional furniture pieces.

Shelving can also serve as an effective way of adding raw elements into a room, like using an upcycled barn door as wall art for storage or display shelving, adding texture and character that’s much-appreciated in an otherwise dull room.

Consider installing built-in shelving into your home to flank an entertainment center, frame a home office desk or add reading bench in a window seat. Built-in shelves provide solutions to under-stair or narrow hallway space problems and maximize square footage in any room – giving off the impression that this addition was always meant to be there! Plus they add character.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are an indispensable design feature, adding structural integrity and visual interest to interior spaces. Their orderly forms add balance while complementing organic features like wood or plants beautifully.

Geometric shapes may be associated with formal, minimalist styles; however, they can also work in more eclectic and traditional spaces if used properly and balanced with other design elements, including scale, color, texture and integration of organic elements.

Geometric designs can easily fit into any home decor scheme. From prints to modular furniture, geometric shapes create an impression of precision and balance throughout any space they inhabit.

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