DIY Home Organization Projects

Home organization projects can be an entertaining and useful way to keep your space tidy. Decluttering first, and then finding storage solutions tailored specifically for the space and items that require storage is key for successful organization projects.

DIY hacks such as drawer dividers and mason jar storage solutions are creative yet practical solutions to everyday challenges.


Kitchens can often become disorganized spaces in our homes. Utensils thrown carelessly into a drawer, small appliances taking up precious counter space and pots and pans overflowing cabinets make daily cooking harder while looking unsightly as well as creating challenges to our day-to-day activities.

Get organized without breaking the bank! Many DIY storage projects can be completed in a weekend and will leave your kitchen looking better than ever. Try hanging a lazy susan for canned goods, installing a sliding kitchen tool organizer for utensils and using an old wooden board as an attractive shelf for spices or dry ingredients; hang magnetic strips on walls so utensils are easily within reach, or hang a magnetic strip to keep utensils within easy reach – these simple projects make an instant impact in any space!

Living Room

No matter if you live in San Francisco, CA or Nashville, TN, living rooms can quickly become overrun with books, blankets and trinkets. Make use of DIY home organization projects to declutter and organize the living room to provide an stress-free space.

Repurpose old dressers into living room storage for games, movies and books or transform a vintage trunk into an affordable coffee table. Decorating items as storage solutions make them more aesthetically pleasing than plastic bins.

Hide wires behind shelves and tables by running them through an ornamental box or wrapping them in fabric to conceal them easily. Save floorspace by moving storage higher up on tall shelving units and ladder bookshelves; or display houseplants on wall planters or hanging planters to free up table space for other decorations.


Even the smallest bedrooms can benefit from smart storage ideas that keep everything organized and offer you a tranquil sleeping environment. A recessed headboard shelf can be used to store books and your favorite framed photos; or make one yourself from wood scraps for an easy DIY project. Rolling clothing racks or wall coat racks can help hide unused clothing out of view for bedroom closet organization ideas that promote peace.

Make use of bins that slide out of sight to organize under your bed, or make a DIY jewelry organizer with empty tea canisters and old jelly jars. Don’t let a messy hallway prevent you from enjoying the beauty of your home: use hooks near your bedroom to prevent jackets splayed over doors or lying discarded on the floor.


Bathrooms tend to become disorganized quickly. From towels and hair supplies to lotions and cleaning supplies, the room requires ample storage solutions. With these DIY bathroom organization ideas in place, everything will remain tidily stored away so family members and guests alike can easily locate what they need when needed.

Repurpose jelly or other clear glass jars as storage solutions in the area beneath your sink to maximize efficiency and free up counter space. A lazy Susan can also help keep bulkier items like toilet paper and contact solution easily accessible while leaving lightweight products such as lotions, shampoos and conditioners within easy reach.


No matter the workspace – be it home office, craft room or homework area – an organized workspace fosters productivity. Here are three DIY projects designed to create an efficient work area where you can accomplish all of the items on your to-do list more quickly and more easily.

Avoid paper clutter with a dedicated mail station for each family member, equipped with folders to accommodate both incoming and outgoing documents, bills, and school papers. Keep all essentials such as postage stamps, note cards, envelopes within easy reach.

Turn a closet into a home office by using simple shelving and drawer organizers made from repurposed materials such as mason jars or cans to organize desk supplies as well as arts and crafting supplies. Mason jars, tin cans, and similar recyclable containers make great storage options.

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