Multi-Season Outdoor Entertaining Ideas For Every Season

Make your backyard gatherings warmer this winter by installing a natural gas fire pit – it’s a simple and versatile way to transform patios into multi-season entertaining areas year-round!

Your guests will love lounging around in your backyard on cozy beanbag chairs, hammocks and Bali beds. Make their experience more relaxing by providing pillows, floor cushions and a blanket – everything to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere!


Summer days are ideal for outdoor fun! Make this season memorable and joyful by exploring one or more of these mindful summer activities:

Make Picnic Time Memorable

Fill a traditional wicker basket with gourmet treats and head out for an Instagrammable picnic in the park. To keep guests comfortable, create an outdoor shaded area complete with cozy blankets and pillows for their comfort.

Utilise Old Things Why spend money on expensive party accessories if there are creative solutions already at hand? A galvanized bucket, old sink or tub or even child’s wading pool can serve as an instant cooler when filled with ice and bottles of water – saving both time and money in the process!

Come enjoy a relaxing summer concert at a scenic park or venue this summer. Whether your taste runs more towards classical, country or rock shows, chances are there’s an outdoor music event taking place nearby – make sure to bring along a lawn chair for the best seat under the stars!


As you watch fall NFL, NHL or MLB games with friends or guests – from family to an entire group of guests – an outdoor lounge area helps create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Combine an exterior TV, sound system and high-quality outdoor furniture to transform any patio or deck into an outdoor living room.

Line your entry with pumpkins, ivy and other fall foliage in shades of orange to set the mood for seasonal fun. Or opt for monochromatic decor by choosing orange mums, burgundy daisies and other scarlet blooms as focal points in one color palette.

Add rustic charm and end-of-harvest appeal to your outdoor dining table by using homespun ginghams and earthy linens, along with rustic annuals, sun ripened grasses, ornamental cornstalks, gourds and pumpkins as centerpieces in planters – not forgetting some dried corn husks for texture!


Though outdoor spaces may only seem useful during warmer weather, with a bit of extra planning they can serve you all year long. Focusing on creative winter party ideas – such as creating a self-serve bar near the firepit to keep guests warm while serving drinks themselves or creating an intimate seating area complete with cozy fireplace and cushion seating arrangements – will be key.

At any gathering, ensure there’s something for everyone by offering foods that can be easily devoured without needing to remove gloves, such as hot mugs of mulled wine and spiced apple cider, as well as grilled cheese toasties made on an oven griddle – these can all be prepared ahead of time and kept on tables all evening long for easy snacking!

Keep bloodthirsty bugs away by surrounding the entertaining area with citronella candles or using oil-filled lanterns or torches as mood lighting. Standing propane heaters can also come in handy on colder days; their stylish designs often serve double duty.


Make sure your outdoor space is ready for an inviting family brunch or movie night by decorating it appropriately with decor such as rugs, deck chairs and pillows – pieces which double up as conversation areas as well as lounging spots can help.

Give kids an outlet for their creativity this springtime outdoors by engaging them in easy outdoor activities such as decorating a flower pot. Kids can decorate a terra cotta pot using stickers, paint, markers or chalk and finish it off by adding soil and plants for their very own garden!

Encourage them to start (or continue) keeping a nature journal where they can record all the interesting sights, smells, touches and sounds they experience on walks with your family. If desired, they could even sketch their discoveries!

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