Affordable Home Decor Hacks for Instant Updates

When your home decor requires updating but you don’t have the budget or time for an extensive overhaul, try one of these creative hacks – they are sure to give your room an updated and trendy vibe! You will love what comes out!

Nothing adds a modern touch like installing a brand-new mirror in any room, making for an easy and cost-effective DIY project.


Neutral colors may seem boring or bland, but neutrals are actually one of the most versatile color schemes out there. Depending on their shade, neutrals can either provide an ideal backdrop for other bolder hues and design features or be relaxing and soothing all on their own.

Neutral paint shades help the other decor in a room shine more, providing the opportunity for you to display your personal style! Additionally, neutral shades provide more appealing backdrops for potential home buyers that could help make selling easier.

Neutral colors create different effects in any given space, from warm neutrals that create a cozy ambiance, to sleek and serene tones. Find one that best suits your space by selecting its appropriate shade; doing so may even add depth within it!


Shelf arrangements filled with books and small trinkets can instantly add character and depth to any room, while the right shelving unit can double up as affordable wall art.

Alternatively, stylist and design YouTuber Paige Wassel recommends purchasing one of Home Depot’s industrial shelving units – designed for garage use but “looking beautiful in any room”. Louis Cheslaw of Strategist Associates Editor loves this Amazon best-seller model with almost 73,000 reviews that offers adjustable shelves to store a variety of objects.

Or you could opt for an etagere-style shelf like this one from West Elm, which boasts mid-century flair at a steep discount. Both options have open sides so that items can be displayed on top. Just be sure to measure all shelves and knick-knacks to make sure everything fits within. When purchasing standard bookcases be sure to select ones with closed back frames for best results.

Hanging Drapes

Drapes can do more than frame windows; they add style, texture, color, warmth and height. To add an illusion of height simply mount your rod at the top of molding surrounding your window.

Many decorators favor drapes that come close or touch the floor, yet this can be tricky to achieve. You must be very precise in your measurements in order to avoid creating an irregularly-sized line of fabric or curtains that fall too short and leave an awkward gap between carpeting and floors. For optimal results, consider maintaining a length approximately one inch above ground when opening and closing them regularly.

Decorative drapes may only need to be opened and closed occasionally; consider making them even longer for a dramatic puddle effect that adds formality. Be mindful that puddled fabric collects more dust, however; also note that it could pose a tripping hazard for small children or pets.

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