Organizing Your Kitchen – Practical Storage Solutions

As with any organization project, the first step should be cleaning. This may involve sweeping off counters, rewashing dishes and organizing drawers and cabinets before moving forward with further preparations.

Before tackling your kitchen area, arrange items according to what they will be used for most frequently – such as an array of reusable grocery bags or an attractive dessert stand.

Tiered Shelving

Keep your favorite jam, homemade salsa and other canned foods organized in an accessible rack that keeps them off of your countertop. Or hang a shelf from the ceiling to hold canisters filled with frequently used ingredients and spices.

No more searching through cabinets to locate cookie sheets and trying to reach the bottom of paper towel rolls! Keep baking sheets, muffin tins and serving trays easily accessible with cabinet dividers installed above your wall oven. Using damage-free picture hanging strips you can also hang small baskets filled with sponges, dishwashing tabs and rags on doors instead of taking up counter space!

Open Shelving

With proper shelving in a kitchen, shelves can dramatically enhance its look while simultaneously freeing up counter space. Mount shelves high up on walls to corral small appliances and kitchen gadgets as well as decorative elements like old plates, plants and coffee cups.

Open shelving provides a more casual aesthetic than closed cabinetry and makes items easier to access without opening multiple drawers or doors. Furthermore, open shelves give you greater freedom in designing your shelf setup according to seasons, holidays or new finds.

Open shelving exposes items to dust and kitchen grease, so regular cleaning and organization is necessary to protect items stored there from being exposed. However, open shelves provide an elegant yet practical way of adding visual interest and functional storage in any kitchen space.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are an effective way of making use of otherwise wasted corner space in pantry or cabinetry, organizing spices, condiments and small food containers which might otherwise get lost among the clutter of cabinets or drawers. A shallow Lazy Susan can even keep jars of oils upright and organized by type preventing spillage and cross-contamination from happening accidentally.

Installing a lazy susan in your pantry or deep cabinet can quickly transform hard-to-reach areas into easily accessible storage solutions, providing easy access. Use dividers to further organize items by allocating sections for spices and another for canned goods – an ideal option for taller cabinets with extra vertical space!


If you’re trying to organize items on open shelving, try adding baskets. Wicker and wire baskets can easily adapt to most kitchen environments and come at various price points.

Every homeowner dreams of the ideal kitchen. Cabinet doors close smoothly, the paper towel roll resides neatly on your counters and all is in order. But as time passes by, these dreams quickly deteriorate into disarray again.

Utilizing just a few easy organization hacks, you can keep your kitchen neat and uncluttered. These useful storage ideas are simple to implement in even smaller kitchens.


When it comes to kitchen organization, drawers play an integral role. A properly organized drawer can make all the difference in finding that essential knife or baking pan quickly and effortlessly.

Try creating kitchen drawers that both look beautiful and function efficiently with the aid of organizational dividers. Storing items vertically (as professional organizer Laura Cattano does here) is a great way to save space while easily seeing what you have available at once.

De-cluttering regularly is also key; don’t allow your junk drawer to become an accumulation of old mail and shopping lists!


No matter the layout of your kitchen, adding closet organization can help keep frequently used items within reach. Store utensils and spices on shelves so that you don’t need to get down on the floor to look for them; labelling jars will enable quicker identification.

After organizing your large or small kitchen, everything seems in its rightful place at first. But then a week later, your junk drawer has filled back up again, while counters become covered in mail – what gives? These smart storage solutions can help stop this from happening again: pantry pull-down shelves to door racks can keep your space functioning at its maximum potential.

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