Modern Rugged Room Decor

Modern Rugged Room Decor incorporates clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and natural materials into a room. This design style compliments modern societies living in urban areas. Its minimalist, natural look incorporates a monochromatic color palette and abundant natural light. A modern rustic room decor scheme isn’t to be confused with contemporary design, which is more characterized by a contemporary feel.

Furniture made from natural materials, such as wood veneers, glass, chrome, and steel, is another essential feature of modern rugged design. Natural textures add a standout look to the interior. For example, leather sofas are a perfect anchor piece for rustic rooms. They can be complemented with artwork and accessories to bring out their color and texture. Leather is also versatile and comes in many different shades, which means it can enhance any modern rustic style.

Adding a faux or real animal skin rug to a rustic living room is a great way to give the room a natural, down-home feel. Many traditional rustic home decors feature animal skin rugs and accents. Loloi’s Grand Canyon faux skin rug is an excellent example.

Adding art is a great way to add color to a neutral room and add interest to a blank wall. Gallery walls created from several pieces of art create a stunning statement wall and are a great way to incorporate non-traditional pieces of wall art. In contrast, black and white photography is a great choice for reflective and quiet spaces. Art also echoes patterns and colors found in rugs and textiles.

Layering artwork on surfaces is another smart way to add personality and texture while still staying on a budget. This technique is easy to change as you like and rotate pieces for a fresh look. Abstract murals are a great way to add large-scale, decorative impact for a relatively inexpensive investment.

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