How to Decorate a Compact Living Room

Decorating a compact living room can be a challenge. Most people will spend the majority of their time in this room, so it’s important to make wise choices when placing furniture. A small space means that there is no room for a massive sofa or recliner, so choose a combination of two smaller pieces. For example, a love seat paired with an armchair and bench may work better.

While some people choose to go with neutral color schemes for a compact living room, adding a pop of color will help make the room appear bigger. When selecting a color scheme, keep in mind that the lightest shades are best and dark ones are best avoided altogether. A subtle green or gray tone can add a fresh and airy feeling to a small space. A warm taupe color can also give the living room a welcoming feel.

A small living room can be beautifully decorated. One example of a compact living room is an industrial-style living room with exposed wooden beams. This living room is complemented by a distressed black wooden table. The distressed table stands out against the light gray woven area rug and white wooden structure. The warm colors and textures in this living room are a perfect combination. White furniture with natural wood tones creates a stylish contrast. To give the illusion of a larger space, consider adding two chairs next to the sofa.

The walls and ceilings of this compact living room have a chair railing that runs along three quarters of the wall. The fireplace is topped with a contemporary mirror. Inset windows allow natural light to reach the space while keeping the room from feeling cramped. The upholstered ottoman with its tray and coffee table provides a cozy spot for visitors or enjoying the fireplace.

Incorporating multifunctional furniture is another great way to make a compact living room work for you. A bench with storage underneath will be useful when storing blankets and pillows. A coffee table or console table is also a useful addition. However, if space is an issue, a small living room might work better with two smaller tables, each of which can double as a console table or a coffee table. These items can easily be moved around to serve different functions.

Adding a feature wall to a living room is a good way to add architectural accents and a visual anchor. They also help to give the room a polished appearance. A feature wall can be painted with a bold color or glossy black to create an eye-catching focal point. Adding a feature wall to your living room is a relatively inexpensive task and can be done yourself with pre-cut molding or panels and adhesive glue.

When decorating a compact living room, it is important to avoid large, bulky pieces of furniture. It is better to choose smaller pieces of furniture that are easier to move. One good way to do this is to use lightweight chairs and stools, rather than bulky armchairs or sofas. They can provide a more comfortable sitting experience and still be maneuverable.