Kitchen Lighting Ideas

There are many different ways to illuminate the kitchen and make it feel more welcoming and comfortable. One way to achieve a coordinated look is to use pendant lights. These lights are often found in a variety of styles and colors. The best way to choose the right ones for your kitchen is to consider the size, shape and style of the room.

String lights are another option for kitchen lighting. They offer a warm glow without overpowering the space. However, string lights may not be appropriate for formal homes. A group of dangling bulbs, such as those from the Jennifer Ryan Design, captures the friendly twinkle of string lights while adding an artful feel to the kitchen. You can also add jute wall hangings, an antique rug, or even a beaded chair to create a natural theme.

Another great option is LED lighting. These can be placed on dimmer settings, creating multiple lighting moods. They can also be installed without the help of an electrician. Kitchen lighting ideas should highlight your best features, including your backsplash. Adding a downlight on the backsplash can help the design shine more beautifully and highlight the textured subway tiles.

Pendant lights are also another option for kitchen lighting. These are easy to install and use the same electricity as your existing ceiling cans. Plus, they offer a lot of design freedom. A lighthouse pendant is a great example of an eye-catching and functional piece of pendant lighting. Pendants also allow for a more modern look without taking over the rest of the space.

While recessed lighting is generally the best choice for kitchens with large surfaces, track lighting is also a good option for small ones. These fixtures are suspended from the ceiling and can be adjusted for placement and height. Small LED lights in drawers can also provide illumination to small kitchens. In addition, you can install pendants that can cast a warm glow.

Pendant lights are often installed over the kitchen island. But if your kitchen has limited space and no island, a cluster of two or three pendants above a peninsula can provide the right balance of task lighting and a focal point for the space. In addition to pendant lights, you can also choose to install cabinet lighting. A cabinet light can provide soft illumination to the whole kitchen. Moreover, it can make a small kitchen appear larger.

While choosing kitchen lighting ideas, you must consider the price of installing a light fixture. Some light fixtures require professional installation. They often require the services of electricians. So, the cost of installation may be higher than that of throwing pillows or other accessories. However, once you have decided to install a new fixture, there is no end to the variety of lighting options available to you.

Pendant lights come in a variety of styles and shapes. Pendants made from glass can create a modern look while caged pendant lights can add a whimsical touch to a classic space. They look good in both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

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