A Futuristic Family Home

A futuristic family home has sleek, contemporary design with a hint of futurism. It is designed around open-plan social spaces. The main living space is a double-height space that serves as a grand lounge while the secondary living area has an adjacent single-height space. Both spaces are filled with colourful designer furniture and gather around a state-of-the-art television system.

A family home in a futuristic style can be both modern and eco-friendly. By recycling natural elements, you can create a luxurious space that has a minimal impact on the environment. It also provides a convenient living environment. A Florida State Certified Building Contractor, Greg Nelson appreciates family life and is a musician.

The futuristic house features three bedrooms, a garage, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. This type of home will be sold to poor families in the future. The cost of the 3D-printed home was already competitive with other houses in the area. A few years ago, this type of home would have cost millions of dollars.

The interior of the futuristic family home is designed with sleek, clean lines and striking accent pieces. The Jingai Vision designers have used modern furniture silhouettes, bold primary colours, and fashionable sculptural elements throughout. One such space is the sensational home entertainment room, which features a curved LED canopy and reflective black floor. Other spaces include a luxurious first-floor guest suite, a high-end kitchen-dining area, and a spacious elder room.