Modern Art Deco: Infusing Style Into Your Space

No matter your style of interest – from decadent 1920s fashions to elegant interior design – modern Art Deco offers plenty of inspiration. Boasting luxurious accents and geometric patterns that would even F. Scott Fitzgerald be jealous of, Art Deco can add luxury and grandeur into your space that even F. Scott Fitzgerald himself would envy!


Art Deco’s vibrant color schemes create a bold statement in any home. Common Art Deco hues include deep yellows, reds, blues, and greens in addition to neutral tones like creams and beiges for an eye-catching aesthetic.

Style also incorporates various patterns. Look out for geometric designs like zigzags and chevrons as well as more rounded forms – these elements can be found everywhere from accent furniture to wallpaper and rugs.

Flooring options that echoed Art Deco style include herringbone or parquet wood floors, as well as ceramic or concrete tile options with geometric shapes and patterned patterns. Lighting from this period boasted bold symmetrical designs; consider chandeliers and wall sconces featuring woman silhouettes or circular shades with stepped-down motifs as statements to look for.

Geometric Patterns

Art Deco emerged at an important juncture in history. With the Machine Age reaching its pinnacle during the early 1900s – when electric motors, skyscrapers, radio technology and long-distance travel via train or plane became the norm – Art Deco took shape as luxurious mechanical marvels with sleek designs became associated with opulence and class thanks to sleek shapes.

Art Deco designs feature geometric forms and patterns such as circles, zigzags, waves and chevrons; often highlighted in mirror surfaces or intricate furniture pieces.

Modern Art Deco brings back bold colors and decadent high-end finishes of this design style with bolder colors and decadent high-end finishes that add glamour. To bring out its true art deco essence in your home, add gold accents, crystalline glassware, decorative motifs and some gold decorative objects for the authentic Art Deco experience. Make a subtle statement by selecting area rugs with geometric patterns or wallpaper featuring waves, chevrons or sunbursts.

Opulent Accents

Art Deco is a style characterized by decadence and excess. While Art Nouveau relied upon organic forms and natural materials for inspiration, Deco embraced excess with gusto! It was all about more, more, more!

One way to bring luxe elements into your home is with textured accents – gold finishes, marble palettes, and rare wood textures are great ways to introduce this style. Additionally, furniture or artwork that features unique geometric shapes is another effective way to complete this aesthetic.

If animal prints aren’t quite your cup of tea but you still want a bold accent piece, opt for stripes instead – the pattern speaks to the luxuriousness of Art Deco while remaining more manageable than covering an entire room in animal print! Additionally, peel + stick wallpaper offers quick and affordable ways to bring this style into any space without incurring permanent damage or taking on major renovation projects.

Egyptian-Inspired Touches

Art Deco first emerged at an exhibition held in 1925; pieces in it had one criteria for admission: they must be modern. That was its purpose – celebrating and legitimizing decorative arts as equal players in modern design alongside avant-garde movements like Cubism, Constructivism, and Bauhaus.

Art Deco artists departed from the photorealist portrayals of Renaissance statues and biblical images popular in earlier eras by recreating Egyptian iconography with bold ornamentation like pyramidic shapes and fanning reeds, providing a striking reminder of technological progress as well as faith in social improvement.

Add a bit of decadence to your home with a gold-leafed mirror or an octagon-shaped rug; or go minimalistic by opting for stripes – an easier yet still striking geometric pattern that never goes out of fashion. No matter which approach you take, don’t neglect details: even something as small as adding brass pendant lights can elevate any space!

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