Designing a Kid-Friendly Home Without Sacrificing Style

If you’re expecting children or already raising them, it is essential that the home design you select is kid-friendly. Thankfully, there are a few features that will enable you to create a safe and functional home for your youngsters for the long term.

Making your home kid-friendly requires rounded furniture, washable fabrics, vibrant colors and patterns – not to mention clever storage solutions!


When designing a new home or renovating an existing one, it is essential to create a kid-friendly space without compromising style. This means creating safe zones that are enjoyable for kids while being comfortable for both parents and their guardians.

Storage is an essential aspect of home design, particularly when it comes to children’s rooms. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to incorporate storage into your design without it appearing cluttered and disorganized.

Start by getting creative with your closets and shelves. Open shelving is an efficient way to keep kids’ belongings organized and accessible.

Next, why not showcase some lovely toys in your child’s room to add a splash of color and flair?

Trundle beds or under-the-bed storage systems are great space savers that keep toys and other clutter hidden away. If you need other storage ideas, try portable clear boxes or baskets that can be folded away when not in use.


Colors have the power to energize or depress you depending on their placement in a space. Choose colors wisely for maximum impact in your environment!

For a kid’s bedroom, try mixing soft pastel colors like seafoam green and pink with white and other neutrals to create an aesthetic that’s both stylish and kid-friendly.

Add some flair to the room with a splash of cobalt blue. This deeper and unusual shade looks great when paired with white or other light-colored walls.

Brighter colors can be overwhelming for rooms that already feature a more subdued palette, so it’s important to think about how you want to incorporate them. Accents work great here as well; you could paint the ceiling a different hue or designate one wall as an accent color and incorporate that throughout other surfaces such as curtains.


Parents know the struggle of living in a house where kids’ toys are left scattered around, crayon stains left behind and other mishaps can be difficult to clean up. Fortunately, there are ways to design an inviting space for your little ones without sacrificing style.

First, think about materials. Microfiber and canvas fabrics are popular because they’re easy to maintain and tough enough for children who play rough.

Second, consider the shape of furniture. Install coffee tables and couches with rounded edges to prevent children from running into them.

Consider adding padding on corners to prevent bruising and head injuries. Doing this will help your kids develop an appreciation for all parts of your home, so they are better prepared when they grow up!


When designing a kid-friendly home without compromising style, texture is essential. It brings out the design details and makes an otherwise bland space seem more three dimensional.

Texture can add a cozy atmosphere to a room, especially textiles like linens and rugs. Materials such as wood, brick and alternative fabrics also elicit feelings of warmth.

If you’re searching for a kid-friendly home that can withstand spills, stains and fingerprints, consider hygiene options that are easy to clean. Popular choices include tile which is durable and doesn’t stain or warp when wet.

Another option for adding tactile texture is fabric that’s stain and odor-resistant, such as Crypton. Not only is it soft to the touch, but it can be easily cleaned and disinfected too.

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